Sense Oil, Rowan, Mountain Berry Ash


Sense oil will brighten your days and become the secret behind the fresh and well-being of your skin.

A balancing infused natural oil made of pure Finnish rowan berry and mountain ash branch.

This balancing rowan berry-mountain ash sense oil makes the skin look healthy and well. Sense oil contains rowan berry, one of the best nutrients in the world, and therefore it is a miracle oil for your skin. Finnish rowan berry extract is a powerful antioxidant and contains a lot of vitamin-C and carotene which gives your skin a beautiful healthy color. The oil extract made from mountain ash twigs and rowan berry contains carotene and vitamin C, which stimulates blood circulation on the skin. The product also contains rosehip oil, apricot oil, peach oil and grape seed oil together with vegetable glycerin. The aromatic fragrance is fortified with essential oils of ravintsara and tangerine.

In the fragrance of the body oil, you can sense shades of orange: rowan berry, tangerine and rosehip.

You can use sense oil for your hands and arms, both legs and feet, as well as the whole body.

Add where-ever you need natures' glow and sparkle.

All the raw materials for making sense oil are collected in a way that has not endangered the plant's lifetime. The roots are still on the ground, which guarantees a lovely blossom, berries, and tree harvest next year as well.

The most amazing and sensible skincare your skin could ever hope for!


made in Finland

natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process