Pykoboo Pantalons, Vichy Orange Fluo


Upgrade your wardrobe with the Pykoboo Pantalons, featuring a timeless check design in Vichy Orange Fluo. These straight trousers offer a classic silhouette and versatile style that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Expertly crafted by American Vintage.

49% Lyocell, 33% Polyester, 18% Viscose

Lyocell or Tencel® is a fibre made from wood pulp (generally eucalyptus or bamboo). The final cellulose obtained resembles honey which is then dried and shaped. Lyocell is an extremely strong fibre with a high moisture absorption capacity. For optimum fabric care, avoid machine washing over 40° to stop the fibre from shrinking. Lyocell doesn’t crease easily, but can be ironed at low temperature for a perfect appearance.

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