Geometric Candle, Reflection


The geometric candles are made extra long meaning you can enjoy their fabulous colours for longer. With incredible precision, the colours of the dyed wax are poured together at different angles creating gorgeous and unique colour combinations that look different from every angle. 

The individual packaging, on which you can see all around what the candle looks like from the inside, is printed climate-neutrally on open design paper in Hamburg.

height: 30 cm x 2.2 cm 

10 - 11 hours burning time (perfect burning behavior)
vegan, no ingredients of animal origin
Wick made of pure cotton
ecological dyes
100% stearin wax
Individual packaging
Guaranteed Fairtrade

We are delighted that this Fairtrade project explicitly helps women become more self-employed.

*Candle holder is 'Candle Holder POP, Sage'*